Removable restorations

For patients having no natural teeth, restoration can still be achieved by designing and making custom-made complete removable prostheses (lower and upper ones) as a last prosthodontic solution. In such cases, however, the patient’s choice of restoration is restricted only to demanding a metal reinforcement of the upper denture.Complete removable dentures can be reinforced by a metal mesh embedded in acrylic or a metal plate covering the palate. We make our combined restorations by using dental products from high-tech producers (Ceka, Bredent OT-CAP etc.) and adding – if required - milled shoulders and/or interlocks.To fuse the fixed part of the restoration and to provide harmony with the acrylic teeth of the removable part we use Gradia (GC) composite ceramic powder. Combined removable restorations Complete removable prostheses Partial removable restorations

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Restorations made by using GC GRADIA composite

The G Gradia Micro - Ceramic - Composite system is used mainly for making indirect fillings (inlay/onlay), jacket crowns, bridges, veeners as well as with combined works for fusing abutment protruding from anchorage and for fusing secundary telescopic anchorage. It can be used as an ideal dental restorative material even on areas of high biting load, such as molar regions. It gives restorations a high strength and durability as well as a colour tone close to that of natural teeth.

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Implant-retained restorations

In our dental lab we make various fixed and removable restorations using DenTi, - Camlog, - Ankylos and Zimmer implants.

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